A child who dared to be different

When I was very little, 3 or 4 years old, I escaped several times from home to go to kindergarten, near my house. I did it because I wanted to learn what my big brother had learned, and I really wanted to learn how to read. When I was finally able to go to school, I faced several illnesses, such as meningitis, hepatitis, recurrent ear inflammation, kidney infection, etc. I spent part of my childhood in hospitals, sometimes completely isolated. In that time I’ve learned that loneliness is something that eventually happens in life. It is not always a bad thing, because it can make you figure out who you are. But sometimes it hurts, especially when you are a sick and fragile child. To deal with it I liked to read, a lot. Some of my books were my best childhood friends.

I also discovered 3 things about myself: (i) I always want to learn new things, (ii) working hard is very important, but working smarter is even better because you can convert hard work into exceptional outcomes, (iii) A mind that reads is capable of creating a mental world for itself. With hard work and dedication, this mental world can become a reality.

Since I remember, I want to become a scientist/researcher, because I wanted to dare to be different from my parents, who stopped studying at the age of 9 because they needed to work in order to have something to eat.

They didn’t have a chance to be different. They came from a very poor family. However, I’ve believed I could create a different world for myself, first in my mind, and later in real life. At that time, I thought I could do everything by myself, anything that challenges me, something that I could keep learning always.

This is why I dared to be very different from the people around me in this little city in the south of Brazil.

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