Highlights to my professional experiences. In 2006 I started my journey into tech and I am still learning in every project I had a opportunity to work with.

Experience Chronology

Enter Information System College

Started Information System Degree at UniAvan.
Created my first app for tabulate Data.
Collecting, analyzing and visualization using MS Excel of UniAvan Valuation Commission (Brazil) Data.

Agrolog Data Analysis

Administration and analysis of sales data for decision making in Agriculture Domain.

Logos Consulting

Started to modeling information system for “Sislogos (1o version)” . It aims to help more than 30 small cities (Brazil) create local projects with federal resources.

Finished Sislogos research and modeling

Finished Sislogos research and modeling.
Started manager Sislogos development.

Finish IS Degree

Finished Sislogos (1o version).
Finished Information System bachelor degree (UniAvan).

Started work in Instituto Stela and finished Master Degree

Started working at Instituto Stela (IS)
Started working with Aquarius Platform, a Government Platform (developer & researcher).
Stemmer and Finep innovation Awards (Instituto Stela team).
Started to learn English  with a native speaker (my current husband).
Finished Master Degree in Knowledge Engineering.

Started Doctored degree

Started Doctored degree in knowledge engineering at UFSC.
Started work in a IoT for health domain, as researcher – modeling with ontologies (Protégé) at IS.

Modeling IoT, First time at USA

Created the first conceptual emergency scenario (IoT).
Started as voluntary tutor (information system college) at UFSC.
Toked a break from doctorate for a year.
Joined congress, conferences, and visiting institutes in Silicon Valley.

Back to doctorate

Developed platform for Santa Catarina State Congress at Instituto Stela.
Back to doctorate of Knowledge Engineering at UFSC.
Researcher in Absence Management Platform Project for industries in Brazil (SESI).
Researcher in New Governance Platform Project from Agriculture Ministry of Brazil.

Knowledge Services

Working into several Platform knowledge services at Instituto Stela as researcher.

Researching and writing PhD Thesis.

Voluntary tutor (information system) at UFSC.


Research & development (R&D)

Developed office projects for research & development (R&D) fundraising.
Developed internal web sites.
Research about accident prevention.

knowledge Engineer apply to human factor

Knowledge Engineer research apply to human factor of oil and gas industry project.

Researching and writing PhD Thesis.

Expertise Location Research (Intelligentia Platform).

Science, Technology and Innovation Award – Intelligentia Platform.

Finished Doctorate Degree

Knowledge Engineer research apply to  human factor of oil and gas industry domain.

Coprodution and Innovation research apply to iAraucaria Platform

Finished Doctorate Degree.

ECKM Case Awards.

Data Science apply to human factor

Data Science (text mining) research apply to  human factors into accidents reports of oil and gas industry domain.

Coprodution and Innovation research apply to iAraucaria Platform

Living in Austin-TX-USA

Text mining and Bert apply to human factors into accidents reports, storytelling, and other textual data.

Buy a farm in Brazil to start a new business sustainable energy and rural tourism.

Leave Instituto Stela. Started to live in Austin-TX-USA.