State Innovation Upper View with decision tree

In the tree, it is possible to see that the average production of technologies (products, patents and applications) per professor in the State of ParanĂ¡ is 3.6.

If the program that the teacher participates has a concept equal to 3, 4 or 5, the average production of technologies per teacher is 3.3, in 96% of the data. If you are a program teacher with a concept of 3, the average is 2.3, in 46% of the data. If different from concept 3, the production average is 4.1 in 50% of the data. Of these, if the institution is state or private, the average goes to 4.5 per professor, and if it is federal, it drops to 2.6.

Interestingly, in programs with concept 3, with a number of teachers above or equal to 14, the production of technologies decreases to 3.4 the average. In programs with less than 14 teachers, with a grade of 3, the average production of technologies goes to 6.4 per teacher. In this case, if the institution is state or federal, the average rises even more, to 11 against 4 for programs in private institutions.

The most productive programs in ParanĂ¡ are those with grades 6 and 7, regardless of whether they are state, federal or private. In these programs, the average production of technology per teacher goes to 12, and this only occurs in 4% of the data.

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