Establish accident context into oil and gas industry from WOAD data base

Woad (World Offshore Accident Database) gives you access to accident data for diverse offshore facility types. It has been curated since 1975 by experts at DNV GL, providing accident causes, location, social and economic impacts, etc. that prove invaluable for a variety of risk management initiatives. It has the world’s most comprehensive available offshore accident data Information on over 6000 offshore accidents and incidents from 1970 to date Technical data on approximately 3700 offshore units.
The World Offshore Accident Database was a tool used extensively by key players in the offshore industry worldwide, including rig owners, drilling operators, insurance companies, consultants, salvage companies and regulatory authorities.

The World Offshore Accident Database contains a vast range of information covering the different aspects of an accident – technical, economic, social, operational etc. The range of useful applications of information from the World Offshore Accident Database is extensive. It shows the rate of accidents by unit type, geography, function, accident type and more – extremely useful for quantitative risk analysis (QRA).

In the link bellow I made a general analyses in order to have a general view about the most danger situation can occurs into a offshore oil and gas platform.

WOAD 45 years data exploration

After those analysis was possible to focus ours investigations into a specific function, main operation and main events.

WOAD 45 years data analysis

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